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cat n8
4 modes of gameplay
Every day, everyone gets the same set of letters to make ten words. Compete against yourself, your friends, the world.
10 word limit
Not just once a day.
Every word adds a row, reach the top and its Game Over. Click on the add row icon in the option menu to add a row.
word wipe
Each word clears its letters. Clear the board for a Power Point bonus.
making words
Select 3 or more adjoining letter tiles to make a word.
Word score equals the letter value times the word length. Rarer letters are worth more. Q and Z are worth the most.
For words of 5 or more characters, the letter value includes all the surrounding letters.
Tap on the final letter of a word to select it.
Tap away from a word to unselect it.
Tap mid-way in a word to try a different ending.
wildWild letter tiles score the maximum value letter for a valid word.
Only one wild letter per word.
You can create wild tiles, by tapping on the wild icon in the game menu.
power points
Earn power points by using numbered tiles.
The number indicates the minimum word length, and the power point value.
Swap: You can swap adjacent tiles by tapping on the swap icon in the game menu.
Word search. Check for words in the dictionary by tapping on the word icon in the options menu.
Share: Share a screen shot from any page by tapping on the share icon in the options menu.
in app purchases
Premium 50: Start each game with a minimum of 50 Power points. Daily games are more fun if you start each day with some power points to spare.
Daily Repeat: Play each day's game as many times as you like.
500 Power Point: Top up the bank with a whole lot of power points.
privacy policy
No private information is collected or stored.